Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SharePoint 2013 App - BS Word Press Reader App

BS Word Press Blog Reader App is simple yet powerful App which enable you to connect any WordPress blog. You just need to provide the blog URL and click 'Get', bingo..

This App displays 'Blog Title', 'Blog Excerpt' and images associated with the blog (at present max 5 images are displayed).
This App uses JSON call for fetching data from Word Press so display is pretty fast almost real time.
This App is a Client Web Part which can be added to any SharePoint page with a Web Part Zone. When you add this App this will by default connect to my Word Press Site (WoodClix). You can type any blog address in the URL space and connect to any blog.

Imp -
Blog URL Format: woodclix.wordpress.com (provide URL in this format)
(Another example - en.blog.wordpress.com)

Limitation -
Currently Word Press REST API only support 5 images.
As of now App will fetch only 20 blog post 


  1. Hey there!

    My company has a Wordpress blog that we can't get to render in the app. It keeps telling us to use a valid URL, no matter what we enter. The blog is here: www.exclusiveresorts.com/blog

    Any ideas? Thanks, Bhanu!

  2. Hello Princess,
    Your blog doesn't seems to be on 'wordpress.com'. This looks like a web site based on wordpress.org. Can you please validate and confirm.