Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Business Calendar - SharePoint 2013 App

This SharePoint 2013 App is developed as an App Part to display events added in a SharePoint Calendar list in a compact calendar control. User can add this App Part on his/her home page. This App Part automatically connects to all available calendar lists in your site and allows you to switch between calendars on-the-fly.

This SharePoint App is developed using client side code, REST API and JQuery DatePicker control.

Feature Highlights -
• This app is developed as an App Part and can be added on any SharePoint site.
• A compact calendar widget will highlights the dates of all events of the current month present in the Calendar list of the site. Different color code is used for different event types.
• This app automatically connects to any calendar present in your site and allows you to switch on the go.
• The dates when hovered displays associated event as tool tip.
• Events snippet is displayed below calendar, when clicked would open event's page.

My Business Calendar - Privacy Notice
This app does not enable access to and use of Internet-based or mobile services, or collects and/or transmits user information to me or a third party.


  1. Hello, Is it possible to not use the MDS links for the events at the bottom of your calendar? We ran into an issue where Publishing sites can't use MDS and it's disabled, which gives us a 401 error when trying to click on the links at the bottom of the calendar. Thanks in advanced.

    1. I'm referring to this part of the link: /_layouts/15/start.aspx# when you click on New RFP response above in your example. Thanks.

    2. Hello,
      As per current release links are non-configurable items. I'm making a not of this as a change request. Thanks!

  2. It keeps stating: "Calendar list does not exist. Create a Calendar List in your site before adding this app." What am I doing wrong?

  3. how do you tie in the list to the calendar?

  4. hi, excelent App, but this App has support to other languages, for example spanish

    1. Hello Hector,
      I have not been able to add multi-language support to this app till now as I was mostly tied with some other projects. But I agree this is a nice feature to have. I'm planning to collect all change requests and work on next version of this app.

  5. We would like to style the calendar to fit our layout and color scheme. is it possible to customize?

  6. Is this supposed to work on SP 2013 Online? It is not showing any calendar events??